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Mobile app development is a complex and diversified process that often requires planning, design, development, testing, and development. With the cooperation of highly skilled professionals and an appropriate approach, you can create powerful mobile apps that could draw the attention of their target audience and drive business growth.

Mobile Application Development Services

Bpract is one of the supreme and highly acclaimed mobile application development companies in India, offering custom mobile app development services. We have a team of professional masterminds, who are highly experienced in mobile app development and are competent at the entire lifecycle development of projects, from the beginning to the delivery of the apps. 

Bpract software solutions LLP has successfully developed hundreds of high-performance mobile apps. We have the best app developers, mobile strategists, and Android UX/UI designers are adept in this field and provide good Android development services. We assure you that our company promises a quick change in business and technology needs by making applications customized to meet strategic business goals.

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What is Mobile App Development

The process of creating software applications, that run on mobile devices namely smartphones and tablets is simply known as mobile app development. From entertainment and gaming to productivity and enterprise solutions, we depend on mobile apps and these apps serve a variety of other purposes too. Mobile app development can be done in different stages including ideation and planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. Developers work with clients in order to identify the goals of the app and dictate its features, functionality, and user interface during the ideation and planning stage.

The design phase begins with planning, which involves creating wireframes and mockups to anticipate the app’s user interface, and designing graphics, icons, and other visual elements as well. The design phase is very crucial to create a user-friendly app that fulfills the requirements of its target audience.

We belong to one of the top mobile app development companies and provide extensive mobile app development services to our clients. Our services aim to bring clients’ app ideas to life and provide services at all phases of app development.

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Mobile Application Development
Technologies We Are Using
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Android App Development

Android app development is the method of developing software applications that run on devices powered by the Android operating system. Android has a vast user base, that includes both smartphones and tablets. As a result, Android has turned into one of the most renowned mobile operating systems in the world.

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iPhone/iOS App Development

In devices powered by the ios operating system, IOS app development creates software applications. IOS is the mobile operating system developed by Apple that is being used on devices namely iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch.

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React Native App Development

React Native is an important and established JavaScript framework used for building native mobile applications ios and Android. Created by Facebook, it provides a way for developers to build high-quality, mobile apps with a single codebase that runs on both platforms.

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Flutter App Development

Google developed an open-source mobile app development framework known as Flutter. It enables the developers to build high-quality, natively compiled mobile apps for ios and Android. And also to create web and desktop applications with the use of a single codebase.

Mobile Application listings - A Wide Scope for various Industries

Bpract Solutions are well organized in utilizing the endless scope of app development by executing developed applications for various industries. We have made applications for various domains and they include;

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mobile app development
    • Healthcare
    • Travel
    • Business
    • Education
    • Communication
    • Finance/Banking
    • Entertainment
    • Gaming
    • Video/Audio Streaming
Mobile App Development Process

Mobile app development is a process in which a developer can create software for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices ad applications. It is considered a straightforward process that includes stages of planning and analysis, UI/UX design, app development, testing of the application, and finally support and deployment.

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Planning and Analysis

In this stage of planning and analysis, developers work with clients to navigate the goals of the app and determine its features, functionality, and user interface.

UI/UX Design

Intending to visualize the app’s user interface, as well as designing graphics, icons, and other visual elements, we create wireframes and mockups. The design phase is vital for developing a user-friendly app that meets the requirements of its target audience.

App Development

The exact coding of the app takes place in the development phase. Java, Swift, or Kotlin are the programming languages used by the developers to build the app’s back-end and front-end, and also to incorporate features including databases, APIs, and user authentication.

Test the Application

Testing is an inevitable phase of mobile app development. In this phase, we check the functionality of the app by ensuring that the app is free from bugs. It includes stages such as functional testing, performance testing, and user acceptance testing with the aim of testing the app and its working.

Support & Deployment

The final stage of deployment include publishing the app to the appropriate app stores, such as the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Developers are supposed to continue monitoring its performance and make updates as necessary and confirm that is it functional and able to fulfill the needs of its users even after the app is released.