React Js Developer

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  • department


    React Js Developer
  • Location


    Cyberpark Campus, Sahya building, Calicut, Kerala
  • Education


    MSc, MCA, Bachelor of Engineering
  • Experience


    0 - 1 years


We are in search of an experienced React.js developer, who possesses strong skills and is proficient in developing single-page applications and large-scale applications by using Reactjs.



  • Should be responsible for creating a high-quality user interface by using Reactjs.
  • Develop functional and modular UI components to maintain code reusability, maintainability, and scalability.
  • Should be able to collaborate with designers and convert design frameworks and mockups into usable react.js components, resulting in a pixel-perfect and simple user interface.
  • Ability to collaborate with front-end and back-end developers, designers, and other stakeholders.
  • Developing and maintaining technical documentation that includes code comments, API references, and project documentation.


  • Expertise in JavaScript, including modern ES6+ features and concepts.
  • Solid knowledge of Web development technologies such as HTML, and CSS.
  • Should possess an understanding of user interface and user experience design.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot issues.
  • Familiarity with build tools such as Webpack or Parcel.
  • Should have an understanding of performance optimization techniques and knowledge of responsive design principles.


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